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Get Involved

Community Conversations: Sister to Sister would love to connect with you! If you'd like to get in touch, please email or explore the options below:


Check out our page "What We Do" to learn more about our range of programming as well as upcoming event listings. Use the link below to get updates in your email.


Community Conversations: Sister to Sister depends on the time and resources of its team to provide targeted and effective programming for women of color in the Cambridge area to take control of their health and health care. We are looking to expand our team to include professional volunteers, academic faculty, and committee members.

(857) 256-0671

We're looking for passionate and enthusiastic interns/fellows across a variety of competencies to build this revolutionary grassroots movement. A team of health care professionals, academics, community organizers, activists, students, artists, and programmers (and more!) are working alongside a committed network of organizations to create a new standard for public health outreach.

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